That gut feeling: is he cheating on me?

So you’ve been suspecting for days or weeks that something is off between the two of you.He’s just not the same man you fell in love with!Confronting him without proof is out of the question… what would you even accuse him of?
      “Eeeerr..honey I know this sounds crazy but I think you are cheating on me though am not sure..”
Not cool.Or you could try sulking for days,which could backfire on your face since he doesn’t know why you’re angry…dah.
Whatever line of action you decide to take,just know that sometimes you might be wrong.Just because you are feeling that he’s not being faithful doesn’t mean that he isn’t.Sometimes ladies we need to give men the benefit of doubt.Though we know that most men won’t skip the chance of being reckless.
So no matter how strongly you feel about your man,don’t just speculate and simmer. You can ask him to reassure yourself that you’re still the beautiful girl of his dreams.
There are so many things out there that may cause your man to be ‘off’.For once don’t think of yourself but him,let him know that you’re there for him and he’ll open up.Though most times our gut instinct is always right,sometimes its just paranoia.

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His/her first day in school

      So its that time that you see fit to take your child to school.Mostly we begin with baby class – pre-unit – nursery school,in that order.Some parents decide to take their kids from the age of two (personally I think its too young).But it all depends on the reasons of these parents.
         I can confidently say that the night before my daughter was to go to school,we didn’t sleep much. Oh the excitement… Actually I have no idea what her reason was for such exuberance.But mine was simple;finally she could go interact with other kids,make some friends (since where we live there are no kids her age) and lastly learn how to talk.I know for a three year old
she was a bit late..but there you have it.
        Taking a child to school is an interesting experience,so I learnt.Despite the financial hurdles for those that are not blessed pocket-wisely.For a first time mother,there is always that small speck of worry.But all in all that’s all it is,mere worry.So for those taking their kids for their first day in school,cheers.

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